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FunChew Carrot

FunChew Carrot

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πŸ›‹οΈ Couch Saver

🧠 Mind Sharpener

😴 Sleep Aid


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  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Dimensions: Length 15in - Width 15in - Height 3in

    NOTE: Due to the vacuum compression in shipping, please wait 5-12 hours to recover after receiving the product.

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Transform Treat Time: Unleash a World of Puzzles & Adventure! 🀩🐢

Transform treat time with FunChew Carrot, making every snack a rewarding puzzle that keeps tails wagging!

Banish Boredom: Unleash Your Dog's Boundless Energy with This Essential Toy! 🀩🐢

Watch your dog's energy soar with FunChew Carrot – the ultimate boredom-buster toy for endless play.

Furniture Savior: Engage Your Dog, Protect Your Decor! πŸ˜ƒπŸΆ

With FunChew Carrot, mix mental exercise and sheer fun, perfect for keeping playful pups engaged and smart.

Hassle-Free Clean-Up: Lasting Fun for Your Energetic Pup! 🧼

Protect your furniture by giving your furry friend the FunChew Carrot, ensuring they're occupied and joyful.

Strengthen Bonds: Play, Laugh, and Grow Together with Every Tug and Toss! 🐾❀️

Forge unforgettable moments with every playful leap and chase; the FunChew Carrot deepens the bond between you and your pup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Havah Yoldin
my dogs loves this product

I bought this for my dog a couple of months ago. It took her about 3 days to figure it out. I hid treats under the carrots to help. She plays with it everyday whether there is treats in it or not. She loves to take all the carrots out and play with the patch part of it. She carries the patch part of it all over my living room. I have even caught her sleeping on top of the patch. I highly recommend this item especially for dogs with anxiety.

Sophia Martinez
Definitely entertaining

5/5 for entertainment value! Not so much for durability. This worked as intended while my boy was recovering from surgery. After removing the "Cone of Shame", it became infinitely more enjoyable.Good product, just maybe not great for big dogs unless you like to sweep up bits of foam.

Emily Johnson

It took my dogs just a little bit to figure out out, but once they did, they went at it! They had so much fun pulling the carrots out (or even pawing them out) in order to get to the treats. They also love playing with the carrots themselves.I'm so glad I bought this. I've enjoyed watching them have fun with it.It is certainly worth the money. It is sturdy enough for my two babies, and it seems really easy to wash, which is a HUGE plus.

Sarah Thompson
I think my doxie loves it πŸ˜‚

He knows what to do w it as soon as i put it down πŸ˜‚

Senior dog loves it

My senior doggy gets a bit restless after losing his brother's and it being too hot to walk around outside in the summer in AZ so this has helped with keeping him entertained and tuckered out at the end of the night. So glad I got this for my doxie.


What size dogs is the FunChew Carrot suitable for?

The FunChew Carrot is designed to entertain dogs of all sizes, from small to large breeds.

Is the FunChew Carrot durable?

Yes, it's made with high-quality, durable materials to withstand playful biting and chewing.

Can the FunChew Carrot be used with treats?

Absolutely! It’s designed to hold treats, making treat time a fun and interactive puzzle for your dog.

How do I clean the FunChew Carrot?

The FunChew Carrot is easy to clean with soap and water, ensuring playtime remains safe and hygienic.

Is the FunChew Carrot safe for all dogs?

Yes, it’s made from non-toxic materials, making it safe for your dog. However, always supervise your pet during play.